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PostSubject: Faction Doc   Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:09 pm

We are the Corsair Nation

NPC Affiliation: The Corsairs
Primary Operational Area: The Omicrons, Sigmas, Omegas, Honshu, Bretonia and Rheinland
Primary Base Claim: Planet Crete, Omicron Gamma


Quote :
The time of preparation has passed, We are stand united and ready. We are now the Corsair Nation.Through our homeplanet of Crete we have grown and prospered, no longer will we will be catagorized as petty unlawfulls. We stand united as the Corsair Nation. Through our ruling by the Elder Council, and our Technocractic government, the National Destiny of the Corsairs has come to complete. Our time of organization has come to an end, Omicron Gamma is no longer closed to the world, all those who stand by our beliefs of hatred for the our forsaken brothers the outcasts are welcome.


Quote :
"Technocracy is a form of government in which engineers, scientists, and other technical experts are in control of decision making in their respective fields. Technocracy is a governmental or organizational system where decision makers are selected based upon how highly knowledgeable they are, rather than how much political capital they hold." The Corsair Nation will only survive by the means of constantly out inventing ourselves. We are ruled by Science and through Science we will prevail.Politics and Military take a back seat to the expansion and evolution of our newly formed Nation. The day our nation stops evolving is the day we will fail.

Faction Direction

Quote :
What you can expect from the Corsairs is simple. We role-play. We extort your goods. We fight. We hunt. We will conquer. If you feel this passion burns through your blood, then the Corsairs may be the right faction for you.

Our role-play direction is one of competition with the existing pirate factions, and most other factions as well. The Corsairs have always had a strong presence among the NPC groups but here on Shattered Worlds, we feel they have been under-represented. We hope to change that through diligence and competition with the server population, specifically the Outcasts, Rheinland and Bretonia.

We also explore other facets of the Corsair existence: the trade and study of artifacts. Too long have the Corsairs ignored the knowledge in their lap. Our roleplay direction is one that will harness the power of the D'am Kavosh for the glory of the Cretian people, to thrust us above and beyond the rest of mankind as the successors to the D'am Kavosh.


Quote :
It was just after the war with the Coalition that our hardship began. Sabotage from Coalition supporters caused the Hispania, our Sleeper ship, to be crippled beyond repair. Our ancestors decided that abandoning the crippled ship was a better alternative to attempting to wait it out with the very people who had sabotaged her in the first place. So we left, making planet fall upon an inhospitable planet we called Crete, in remembrance of Sol.

Our ancestors dredged amongst the rocky wasteland that was Crete for centuries, scratching out a pitiful existence through toil and hardship. Through this, we were made strong. It was the will of the gods that we be put through this hardship, for the betterment of our people. It was to make us strong so that we could take back our place amongst the Houses.

Within a few years, we met up with the other peoples of Sirius, the Houses, and claimed their ships as our own. Now, star bound, nothing could hold us back.

Over the next five hundred years, our people grew to dominate the outer Omega systems. Fighting with the Red Hessians intensified, as each Corsair was worth five Hessians but the Hessians had the men to throw away. That war still rages amid Omega 5 and 41 to this day.

However, during this time, we were always a fragmented group. Separated into different Houses, our people weren’t unified against anything except the Outcasts. Every few hundred years, a young leader would appear, lead us for a few years, and then die in a fiery bit of glory, leaving us once more to each go our own way.

The newest regime is attempting to change that, to unify the Corsairs under one banner: conquest. To return to our rightful place as the conquistadors of legend. To take the fight to the home of our enemies and see them driven before us.

From humble beginnings over seven hundred years ago, we have risen from the ashes of a destroyed civilization to build an empire spanning several star systems. We have fought for what was lost, and will continue our fight for what was taken from us by the traitors: Hispania.

To Join

Quote :
To join the Corsairs, contact the leader of the faction via PM or one of the tagged Corsairs in-game. You're required to run a Corsair affiliation at all times, unless you are a smuggler. In that case, you may run whatever affiliation is needed for your smuggling requirements. We assume you've paid off the proper officials so that your reputation does not precede you.

Controlled Space

Crete - Omicron Gamma

Quote :
Crete is our ancestral home and primary base claim. It has been the bastion of power of the Corsair people’s since our landfall nearly a millennium ago. We will fight to protect it at all costs. None shall take it from us until every man, woman, and child of the Corsair nation is dust.

Leon – Omega 41

Quote :
Leon base in Omega-41 is an important supply point for any Corsair launching a raid into Rheinland, or reinforcing the Corsairs of Cadiz in Omega-5, against the Hessians there.

Cadiz – Omega 5

Quote :
Cadiz base is our final stronghold on the frontier of our space. It is important as it maintains control on the jumpholes of Omega 5. It is also our launch point for assaults against the Hessians. We will defend Cadiz with all of our might and crush any who would attempt to take it from us.

Faction Alignment

All faction/clan politics are subject to change without notice and on a whim.


Quote :
>JNK< The Junkers
[Hogosha] The Hogosha
[XA] Xeno Alliance
[Guild] The Guild

Quote :
[SDI] Sirius Diversified, Inc
[CE]Crimson Eagles
[LN] Liberty Navy

Quote :
[Kohola] Kohola Cartel
<CTP> Cutthroat Pirates
[Order]The Order
[BFC] The Black Flag Corsairs
[RHM] Rheinland High Monarchy
[BHG] Bounty Hunters Guild
[SNG] Shogunate Naval Guard
[GMG] Gas Miners Guild
[LR] Liberty Scum.

[Nomad] The Nomads
[Outcasts] The Outcasts
Licensing System

Quote :
As we are now a nation we will be adopting the International standard for Freelance Licences. The prices are non negotionable and are fair. All negociations will be discussed with Corsair weaponry.

15 Million a week for miners [C-M] Tag. "Name"[C-M]
10 Million a week for traders [C-T] Tag. "Name"[C-T]
5 Million a week for missions[C-A] Tag. "Name"[C-A]

Hispanic Honor Code
No Corsair vessel shall attack a Outcast vessel until all outsiders are dispatched from the fight.

Corsair Outcast battles shall be held as ceremonial and be fought on fair terms.

There is not greater honor then dieing fighting in these battles, all Corsairs caught running or using other dishonorable tactics will be excommunicated from the Corsairs.

Any pilot that interferes with these battles shall be dispatched with aid from the Corsairs and the Outcasts.

Roberto Estevez
Gordon Scott

Cid Dos Filos

(*italics cite as currently inactive)

Faction based off of Ramirez' document from 2006. SW:WT Faction started June/09

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PostSubject: Re: Faction Doc   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:22 pm

Through Technology We Will Prevail!

Shattered Worlds, I introduce you to

Los Ninos De Creta
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PostSubject: Re: Faction Doc   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:22 pm

Corsairs Announcement:

All traffic though the Omicron Gamma System has been closed until security is restored. All prospective citizens are asked to obey the corsairs military forces in this time of need. All citizenship processes will start after security is restored.

Thank You.
Through Technology We Will Prevail.
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PostSubject: Re: Faction Doc   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:22 pm

Los Ninos De Creta Welcomes two new pilots



Through Science We Will Prevail!
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PostSubject: Re: Faction Doc   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:22 pm

Work continues on securing Gamma, it is still off limits to all for the time being.All who challenge this will be dealt with excessive deadly force.

But the Corsairs have once again stabilized a method of gaining citizenship.

Quote :

Becoming a Civillian Corsair.
You must have a Corsair affiliation.
You must have a Corsair ID.
You must be willing to aid the Corsair military if not otherwise engaged (ie AFK).
You must be willing to stay informed of and act appropriately to the current military and political situation of the Corsairs (ie our current diplomatic standings).
You must pay a 1M registration fee.
You must fly with us for a short time.
All citizenship is subject to termination if the current leadership feels the citizen has engaged in conduct not becoming a Corsair.

The terms are non-negotiable. All negotiations on these terms will take place by the weaponry of the corsairs.

Through Research We Will Prosper!

Much thanks to Pecado for our new planet graphics, they look great ! You rock dude !
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Faction Doc
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